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Marine Uni-Sampler Coal Auger Sampling System

Marine Uni-Sampler Coal Auger Sampling System

Johnson Industries is proud to introduce a coal auger sampler system known as the UNI-SAMPLER, which has gained a worldwide reputation.  Two of the largest coal sampling lab companies in the world have become loyal customers of this super-fast sampling system.  Johnson Industries Uni-Samplers coal sampler successfully operate across the United States, as well as in China, India, the Ukraine, and Russia.

As with any commodity, the coal consumer and supplier want to be assured they are receiving and supplying the correct quality of product. The Marine Uni-Sampler is a coal sampler that was developed to retrieve coal samples for testing from river or ocean barges by using an auger bit.

Featuring a simple, rugged design, and rapid initial installation, the Marine Uni-Sampler coal sampler from Johnson Industries is a great sampling solution currently used on the Mississippi River.


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Equipment Specifications

  • Rugged Design
  • Diesel Powered System
  • Self Propelled or Tug Boat Propelled
  • Programmable Joystick Controls
  • Standard 35' Boom
  • Standard 12' Penetration
  • Typically Samples a 200' Barge in 15 mins.
  • Reject Falls Back Into Barge
  • Only 2 Operators Required
  • 3 to 4 pounds of coal taken per penetration
  • No conveyor belts or shaker tables required
  • Primary splitting, crushing, and secondary sampling are done at the auger assembly
  • Temperature probe on the auger

Standard Dimensions

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Operator Cab Contents

  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Lighting
  • All Boom Controls
  • Sample Access
  • Sample Storage
  • Heavy Door with Padlock



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