Rail Mounted Uni-Sampler

Uni-Sampler - Rail Mounted Coal Auger Sampling System

Johnson Industries is proud to introduce a Coal Auger Sampling System known as "UNI-SAMPLER" which has already gained a worldwide reputation. Two of the largest coal sampling lab companies in the world have become loyal customers of this super fast sampling system. Johnson Industries Uni-Samplers successfully operate across the United States, as well as in China, India, and Ukraine.

With the ever increasing demand for coal in the United States and internationally, the consumer and supplier want to be assured they are receiving and supplying the correct quality of coal. With this in mind Johnson Industries developed the "Uni-Sampler" to retrieve coal samples from coal trucks, rail cars and river or ocean barges. Depending on your need, Uni-Sampler can be manufactured as a stationary pier-mounted unit, mobile or a rail mounted unit.

Uni-Sampler Advantages

  • SIMPLE, RUGGED design
  • Super FAST cycle time
  • RAPID Initial Installation
  • Only ONE OPERATOR is required
  • Only 1 or 2 pounds of coal taken from each truck or rail car
  • The Primary splitting, crushing, and secondary sampling are done within the cone area of the auger assembly
  • Reject falls immediately back into truck or rail car being sampled
  • Fast cycle times are possible, because little boom movement is needed (30 seconds full cycle)
  • No conveyor belts or shaker tables are required
  • No carousel is needed
  • Sample is weather protected
  • The operator does not have to leave the cab to retrieve samples
  • Can be quickly relocated to a new site if needed

Operator's Cab Contains:

  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Lighting
  • All Electrical Controls
  • All Boom Controls
  • Sample Access
  • Sample Storage
  • Heavy Door with Padlock

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