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Long before we (The Johnson Brothers) were building mining equipment for coal miners, we were digging coal with fellow coal miners. What better credentials would a manufacturer of mining equipment need? In other words, we have "been there and done that." We understand the inner workings of mining equipment first hand because we have "hands on" experience that some manufacturers may lack. That speaks well for  the quality of equipment Johnson Industries manufactures and explains the unsullied reputation we have earned over the years.

Johnson Brothers Coal Company was established in 1974 by five Johnson brothers - Greg, Garla, Gwendel, Garnie, and George, all coming from different walks of life, but all with an innate ability to think and create. Our ability to design innovative solutions to the challenges we faced on the job paid off. The Kinney Branch Company that Garnie supervised became the highest ton per man hour coal producer in the United States. A  back injury shortened George's coal mining life, but maybe it was a "blessing in disguise," because after that he devoted his time to design and production.

In 1981, we established Johnson Industries and immediately started manufacturing the industrial duty car, followed by the Super Low Tail Piece. A patented laser alignment tool for the underground mining industry (Slimm-Jim Laser) was developed next and it quickly gained industry acceptance. Johnson Industries' next proud accomplishment was the Stinger - an MSHA permissible and explosion proof personnel carrier that became a top seller in the industry. One rugged product after another has emerged from Johnson Industries, with each piece proving increased efficiency and improved safety.

Today, Johnson Industries is still growing and expanding into new areas. Our most recent success comes from a mineral testing system called the Uni-Sampler, another patented product. Most sampling units require two-story buildings, belts, shakers, and other components, Uni-Sampler was developed to do away with all that and to make it easier, much faster and less expensive. The Uni-Sampler has already gained worldwide acceptance. Two of the largest lab companies in the world became our loyal customers. Our Sampling Systems successfully operate in the United States, China, India, Russia and Ukraine. West Virginia approved Diesel Personnel Carriers is our next big project.

A combined 85 years of actual mining experience allows us to understand the needs of the coal mine operator. Tony Bryant, Senior Vice President and General Manager has worked in the coal fields for 21 years in underground mining and coal preparation before joining Johnson Industries in 1998. Arnemann Grender's (Vice President in charge of Engineering), as well as Roger Mullins' (Vice President in charge of Marketing) and Arnold Thornsbury's (Vice President in charge of Sales) underground mining experience has been an integral part of successful development of a full line of personnel carriers and a sampling system, that conquered domestic and international markets.

We look forward to working with our many customers in bringing the best equipment to the best coal producers! Visit us or give us a call today and let our experience and knowledge help you!

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